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  • Tbd : create a public page with the name and affiliation of all members
  • Mailing list : Please check that you are in the members list or add : your name <address>
  • To participate to the group, you need to create a login on this platform (upper right corner of this site) and mention who you are and that you wish to participate to the group.

Group activities

Presentation of the group

EuroSDR Linked data group aims at connecting people who are keen on Linked Data technology and who are truly aware of the specific context -missions and constraints- of organizations who produce and deliver spatial data (typically national mapping agencies). Objectives for this group have been identified during a quick off webinar in February 2019. They are : 1-Publish data from national mapping and cadastral agencies or from other organisations in charge of providing reference data as linked data : exchange information about mature enough solution to do that. 2- Design harmonization solutions for these data published as linked data, or for other data using linked data. These solutions are required typically to bridge the gap between current distributed SDI components. 3- Reach out users of our data served as Linked data, which may requires to hide the complexity of linked data technology by developing more user-friendly interface. 4- Identify resources for which we need extra funding as well as opportunities(H2020 or others)

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