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* Resources of potential interest to the group  : collaboratively built list of data, software, use patterns that can be of interest to process and valorize historical geodata, including not so old data that have been replaced by newer ones.

* Write a review to share your experience about using specific data or software.

* All georesources already referenced on the platform

* Reference a new georesource (data or software of potential interest)

What is Historical and Time Stamped data technical group?

EuroSDR historical and time stamped activities focus on the development of new functionalities above geographical data that have been replaced by newer data, e.g. archived data or more recent data. To know more about past events :

The technical group has been constituted to analyze the interoperability potential of current implementations, the codes and libraries that are used, maybe component by component, possibly propose one unified API for developers, study what are common pipelines and pre-processes, and possibly propose consistent GUI patterns for users who use the graphical interfaces.

What is this infolab?

This infolab is dedicated to share references to existing tools and possibly other resources if interest (git repositories, data structure, user pattern), as well as user feed back about these tools, possibly discussions. To contribute you need to request an account. When requesting an account you may create your profil on it and specify your interest in the group.

List of resources of specific interest to the group

To describe a resource, either write down some item on the page below or use one link at the top of this page to create a resource or a review and reference it below.