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Infos and questions about URCLIM infolab

  • Difference with existing catalogues?
    • propose a mediation between users having knowledge about (complex) requirements and (complex) resources. Idea is somehow to connect people/experience
    • focus on european scalability -enhancing the exchange and reusability of experience between different cities-
  • Targeted users :
    • climate change scientist looking for data, data providers software developers and communities wanting their data of software to be more visible from users and to learn about users requirements
    • Special users : facilitators that will improve the content of the infolab but also the exchange of information (alert relevant contributors when necessary, etc)
  • How to use? : Anybody can read anything do not describe prototype infos without preprint material you can refer to. Only registered people can edit. URCLIM infolab pages can be edited only by registered people belonging to URCLIM group. Some people will only read but won't edit, some people may even access the infos from their environment (QGIS plugin being developed) but not going on this website