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Infolab content

* Georesources of potential interest to URCLIM  : this page compiles references to existing geo-ressources of interest for urban climate studies : taxonomies, geodata (more or less raw), preprocessing tools, visualization tools.

* URCLIMInfoRequirements : urban climate scientists' need for geodata to run their models. The purpose of this page is to isolate somehow the need of data from existing sources to be as technology neutral as possible

* Write a review : share your experience using specific data or software.

* All georesources already referenced on the platform

* Reference a new georesource (data or software of potential interest)

How to contribute to URCLIM infolab?

  • If you are a scientist participating to URCLIM project, you may express your specific requirements on the dedicated page. (link on top of this page)
  • If you are a data provider, you may publish reference to your data products on this wiki. (link on top of this page)
  • If you are a developer, you may publish reference to your software. (link on top of this page)
  • If you are a scientist or a developer you can publish reference to prototype data and software. (link on top of this page)
  • If you are a contributor you may engage a discussion on whichever page if you think some precisions should be added.
  • If you have some experience in using data or software you can write a review of the published resources. (link on top of this page)

Note : even if you don't belong to URCLIM project you can contribute to the infolab by referencing georesources of interest to the URCLIM community and including in their description specific comments for URCLIM.

Context: URCLIM project and URCLIM infolab

URCLIM is a European project on Climate services for scientists and urban stakeholders which specifically addresses : model down-scaling and uncertainty management. URCLIM approach comprises the usage of precise spatial urban data (especially open data and legal data) to improve the resolution of scientific simulation models and capacities to integrate micro canopy models. The URCLIM infolab is a solution to improve the communication between the community of users, data specialists and software specialists to assess which geodata, possibly which ad hoc derivation process, will yield the best benefit to the users out of open data. This solution is a community web portal -which you are currently browsing-. It is due to evoluate during the course of URCLIM project, between September 2017 and December 2020.