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What is Geometadatalabs?

GeoMetadatalabs is set up by EuroSDR Commission IV to host experiments on metadata, mainly during EuroSDR projects but not only, where on the shelves metadata are not sufficient and more metadata are needed to improve usages of spatial data. It is a metadata sandbox, powered by a semantic wiki engine, which can host exchanges between different 'users' involved in spatial data life cycle, from production to application, to let researchers study these exchange and identify relevant structure to store, share and reuse these information related to data usage.

What is a georesource in geometadatalabs?

A georesource is a geographical resource that you give a wiki name to -a reference- in geometadatalabs so that other user can write reviews and ask questions referring to this resource.

The resource model of geometadatalabs may evolve other time. There are currently 2 crossed classifications.

One classification is per nature of the geographical resource :

  • Data product corresponds to the spatial data series in ISO 19115 model. Reviews associated to a data product usually describe usages of specific datasets belonging to the product. In this case, the review can be directly associated to the product.
  • Data sets
  • Software that can be used to derive new geodata

One classification is per diffusion of the wiki reference; is the reference you create readable by everyone or only by people from a specific group :

  • A general georesource is a reference that can seen by anybody -yet, the referenced data product, data set or software is not necessarily available for everybody. It is encouraged to create general georesource. Even so, you can add in the description some mentions that are more of interest to a given project but anybody can see it.
  • A georesource for a given project is a reference that can be seen only by people belonging to the project group and other people don't know its existence.

Can I reference a new georesource?

Yes, please.

  • First step is to check that this spatial data product, data set or software is not already referenced and what related georesources already are published (click on Check georesources).
  • Then, you need to be logged. Once you are logged, you can create a new georesource item : click on Reference a new georesource on the side bar and follow the good practices.

Thank you for your contribution.

What is INSPIRE?

INSPIRE is a European directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament that establishes an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). Regarding data, INSPIRE has identified 34 themes (e.g. : adresses, elevation, buildings, atmospheric conditions, hydrology) for which common definitions have been designed by members to create harmonised spatial data sets that can be used seamlessly. There is a conceptual level for harmonization but also common implementing rules and technical guidelines that data producers of the European member states have to follow to publish INSPIRE products on their country. Note : The INSPIRE specifications ensure a common structure of data across Europe but not a common content (as INSPIRE is based on existing data). Typically, levels of detail may vary according countries and many attributes may remain empty.

New question

There is currently no geometadatalabs mailing list so please :

  • write down the question either on this page if it is a general one, or on the discussion page of the item (georesource, review, project) your question is specifically related to.
  • Then use your network and project mailing list to spread the question. Also, if any, people who registered to get notified on specific pages will receive it.
  • If you get an answer from outside the wiki please note it on the wiki so that it can be seen by other users.